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Professors Zlickck's pills:
Leica's new hybrid-EVF is coming soon - The Leica M12-H*

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Leica M12H* with H-EVF finder





Mystery Lens - The Canon 50mm 1.4 ltm “Type Ia” (with 8 elements)

The Canon 50mm 1.4 ltm lens has been widely regarded for its excellent image quality.
It is also assumed that only two variations of this lens exist: a "type I" and a "type II".
Let's have a look into a apparently unknown third type - the "type Ia" variation. This article also proposes a new/revised typology to fit this new information into the existing knowledge. By the way, this seems to have 8 elements, as opposed to the 6 elements of the other types.
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Canon 50mm 1.4 ltm 8 element version

The mysterious 8 element 50mm 1.4 tick mark lens...?
Cross Section of the alleged 8 elements lens is taken from CANON Eye Vol.1 No.2 by Canon Historical Society





the young, the old & the lake - a comparison between the newest and the oldest 300mm f4.0/4.5 nikkor "ed" lenses

find out how the new "nikon 300mm f4.0 ed pf vr" from 2015 compares with the 38 years old "nikkor*ed 300mm f4.5 k (non-if)". a resolution and contrast comparison with an outcome that might surprise.
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Mountains in the city (picture taken with the "nikkor*ed 300mm f4.5 k (non-if)"

mountains in the city (picture taken with the "nikkor*ed 300mm f4.5 k (non-if)"



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